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Passport Miniature Schnauzers is proudly owned by Bob and Carole Alex. We are located in the town of Castle Rock, Colorado, midway between Denver and Colorado Springs. Castle Rock sits in the East Plum Creek Valley at an elevation of 6,202 feet. Here at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains we have dedicated are breeding program to continuing a line that produces dogs with exceptional movement, beauty and temperament.
Though we have chosen the Celtic trinity knot as our links to symbolize those three attributes, we feel the true symbol will be the puppies we plan to produce. Carole spent several years researching lines before contacting Mary Paisley of ToMar Kennels, to purchase a foundation bitch. We were fortunate that Mary believed in us and agreed to let us co-own her pick puppy by "Am/Can CH Minuteman Hide the Cat" and "CH ToMar's Sassy Yet Classy".

We brought Piper home with us in May of 2007 and we knew from the start she was everything we were looking for. It wasn't long before Piper was returned to Mary Paisley in La Crosse Wisconsin, to finish her championship in the states and then travel to handler Connie Krohn in Canada to obtain her Canadian Title.

Our fortunes continued when in the fall of 2008 Le Tousey of Elete Miniature Schnauzers in Morrison Colorado agreed to co-own her pick puppy by "CH ToMar's Walki'n On Sunshine"and "CH Elete's Irish Mist". Though we may be new, we have a solid foundation thanks to the generosity of these two fine breeders who have shared not only their dogs, but their knowledge, their encouragement and most of all their friendship with us.

Our kennel is soon to move into the breeding phase of our program. Our line of dogs is centered on one of the breeds greatest Miniature Schnauzers "CH Skyline's Blue Spruce". The pedigrees of our dogs both current and proposed will show our determination to bring this exceptional dog's genes to the forefront of our breeding program. It is our intention to produce dogs that will be recognized in the show ring for their tremendous movement and beauty and be desired in every home for their wonderful temperaments.

Hope you enjoy the site and please contact me with any questions or comments.

Members of:
American Miniature Schnauzer Club (AMSC)
Centennial State Miniature Schnauzer Club (CSMSC)
Rocky Mountain All Terrier Club (RMATC)
Rocky Mountain Earthdog Club

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